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Journal :
Vol-8, Issue-1, Date-February, 2019

A study of student absenteism in the primary schools of eastern U.P with special reference to institutional and socio-economic factors-Dr. Rasheeda Khatoon
Digitization: Development & Disruption!-Chhaya Goel Devraj Goel
Preparing Teacher to Perform Various Role-Dr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastav
Review Based on the Use of ICT by Secondary Schools in the Teaching Learning Process-Dr. Sridipa Sinha
Krishnamurthy’s Philosophy: Freedom from Fear-Vimal Singh
Mathematics Anxiety among Secondary School Students from Military Families-Harveen Kaur Camelia Yasmin Sudeshna Lahiri
Pedagogical Explorations: Understanding the Nature of Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning-Dr. Sangeeta B. Sahay